Our products line


Teams backup power (UPS) brand ALLSAI, are specially designed to work in systems where large fluctuations of energy, protecting the loads online.

With a compact design for applications in banks and other critical applications in power from 650VA to 200kVA, highlighting its adjustable battery charger, double conversion and LCD panel.

Industrial UPS

The backup power for highly corrosive environments, leave behind the problematic, with the new design of the Model KGK.

High availability, robustness and high technology are mainly the difference for our customer / user.


ALLSAI offers a wide range of industrial battery AGM and GEL type, used primarily for teams that do not need constant maintenance and extended shelf life

Battery Charger

Allsai has disposed in the industrial market, a robust and reliable design in its line of chargers and batteries, giving assurance to your customers that independent of the environment in which it is installed, it will fulfill its function smoothly.

With choice of 6 and 12 pulses, LCD panel, and various monitoring options, the Industrial ALLSAI Charger has become a reliable component for existing users.